Rexware offers sustainable PET packaging solutions that are astute for business and eco-friendly. Being leader in PET sheets manufacturer with an annual production capacity of over 10,000 tonnes, we provide various grades of high-quality PET sheets suitable for Thermoforming, Printing, and Form Fill Seal (FFS) applications.

Our PET sheet offerings are fit for purpose and manufactured with modern co-extrusion technologies to support your packaging needs

PET Sheet General Characteristics

  • Light Weight
  • Good Gas Barrier
  • Good resistance to most Chemicals, Moisture, Oil & Grease etc.
  • Solvent/ Corrosion Resistance
  • Recyclable & Regrindable
  • Good Cost/ Performance Ratio

Major Application

  • Thermoforming: Retail food and Confectionary, Processed food / Beverages / Farm Products containers
  • Blister Packaging: Pharmaceuticals / Consumer goods / Personal hygiene Products packaging
  • Stationery/Printing: Metalizing and Printing, Making files, corrugated boxes and cartons
  • Fabricated Packing: Apparel boxes, Gift & Novelty items, Beauty & Cosmetic packaging
  • Others: There can be several applications, limited only by the imagination. Sheet can be used directly for making several other things i.e flower bouquet, Vase, Toffee Box etc.

Features and Advantages of PET sheet

Sr.No Features/Properties/Characteristics Advantages
1 Sparkling Clarity & Gloss Making pet sheet visually appealing as a material for packing & display applications
2 Good Impact strength (down to -40c) Enhancing feasibility & survivability
3 High Flexural Modulus Doesn’t flex or bend when stressed
4 Hygroscopic i.e. naturally absorb water from surrounding Can be easily used for Thermoforming & vacuum-Forming
5 High Tear-resistance & Puncture- resistance Capacity to resist against cracking hence widely used in engineering packaging
6 High Thermal Diffusivity Reduce heating requirement & energy costs while thermoforming
7 Non-toxic & Eco-friendly Safe for Food & Drug contact hence used in Food & Medicine packaging
8 Low permeability to Water & Air Increases shelf life of packaged food & beverages
9 Excellent Dielectric Properties Excellent Electrical & Thermal insulation, Heat resistance and High flame resistance hence used in electronic items packaging

Comparison – PET Vs Other Plastic Sheets

Impact strength Excellent Good Poor Poor Excellent
Heat Resistance Fair Fair Good Good Excellent
Chemical Resistance Excellent Good Fair Excellent Poor
Barrier Properties Excellent Good Fair Excellent Poor
Light Transmission Excellent Good Fair Excellent Excellent
U V Resistance Fair Fair Good Excellent Fair
Food Compatibility Excellent Fair Fair Fair Good
Eco-Friendly Excellent Fair Fair Fair Good
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